Ontario’s Automotive and Mobility Sector is at a Crossroads

Technological disruption presents both challenges and opportunities for the automotive and mobility sector. For the sector’s workers, disruption is of significant consequence. The skills required by the employees of tomorrow will be significantly different than those required today. And with the increasing convergence of technologies, an exciting new space around smart mobility has been created, requiring a number of different emerging skills.

About this Tool

The OVIN Skills and Career Navigator provides resources and information for users to gain a better understanding of Ontario’s automotive and mobility sector, and navigate skills and career pathways to support in accessing opportunities across the province. The tool is a key piece of the overall OVIN Talent Strategy and Roadmap.

About OVIN

OVIN is the Government of Ontario’s flagship initiative to support the future of the automotive and mobility sector. Through innovative programming, business and technical supports, and testing and demonstration sites, the OVIN initiative is driving the commercialization of advanced technologies and cultivating the capacity of a province-wide network to drive future mobility solutions.

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