New to connected and autonomous vehicles (C/AVs)? We’ve compiled a list of most commonly asked questions.

Who can use this tool?

Anyone interested to know more about the automotive and mobility sector and the exciting careers that the sector offers. This tool provides unique pathways for young learners, PSI students, professionals and employers to explore careers in the sector and access other relevant resources.

Why is this tool important?

This tool was developed as a resource to support the opportunities outlined in the OVIN Talent Strategy and Roadmap. The tool shares a variety of useful resources and information on the labour market, training and employment landscape around the automotive and mobility sector, and helps students and workers assess their skillsets and interests and guide them along training and career pathways, ultimately supporting them to be gainfully employed in the sector. By sharing information and resources on programs and opportunities, and helping to guide our talent pipeline towards careers across the sector, this tool is helping to ensure that our workforce is prepared for the future of the sector.

What can this tool do for me?

If you are a young learner you can:

  • Learn about automotive and mobility
  • Explore exciting jobs in automotive and mobility
  • Checkout some of the learning programs that can prepare you for a job in automotive and mobility
  • Parents and Educators can access resources to help students learn about automotive and mobility

If you are a PSI Student you can:

  • Learn more about the automotive and mobility sector
  • Select suitable career or learning path based on your educational background, interests and relevant skills
  • Access a wide range of academic programs and training opportunities to develop your knowledge and skills

If you are a professional (working in the sector or in other sectors) you can:

  • Learn how the automotive and mobility sector is changing and what skill-sets and career pathways are emerging
  • Find opportunities to enter and flourish in the sector, and identify what additional skills you may need to acquire
  • Access resources to advance your skills, and decide which ones would best lead to advances in your career

If you are an employer in the sector you can:

  • Access up-to-date information about the state of the industry, and skills gaps and opportunities 
  • Explore Ontario’s Talent Strategy and Roadmap for the Automotive and Mobility Sector
  • Discover insights to enhance your internal workforce strategies

How can I navigate Career Pathways on this tool?

Check out the below video for detailed steps to access and navigate Career Pathways pages.

How can I access Labour Market Information on this tool?

Check out the below video for detailed steps to access and navigate Career Pathways pages.

Where can I find more information about the automotive and mobility sector in Ontario?

For an overview of the automotive and mobility sector including key facts and segments of the sector, visit Automotive and Mobility Sector – Overview.

To learn more about Ontario’s ecosystem including strengths, key stakeholder groups and more details on academic and training institutions, visit Automotive and Mobility Sector – Ontario’s Ecosystem.

Where can I find more information about the emerging technologies in automotive and mobility?

For a quick overview of some of the key emerging technologies in the automotive and mobility, visit the Learning Hub – Mobility Transformation.

You know the basis but would like to learn more, you can checkout more detailed insights pieces in Learning Hub – Insights.

Who can I contact to get more information about this tool?

You can get in touch with any of the AVIN Skills and Talent team members. Visit OVIN Team page for more information.

What is Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN)?

OVIN is the Government of Ontario’s flagship initiative to support the future of the automotive and mobility sector. Through innovative programming, business and technical supports, and testing and demonstration sites, the OVIN initiative is driving the commercialization of advanced technologies and cultivating the capacity of a province-wide network to drive future mobility solutions. 

For more information about OVIN, visit the OVIN Hub.

What is Ontario’s Talent Strategy and Roadmap for the automotive and mobility sector?

The Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) has developed a comprehensive Talent Strategy  and Roadmap which outlines the road ahead for the automotive and mobility sector’s workforce and its transition into the future, with a focus on supporting regional talent needs across the province. The Strategy and Roadmap aims to promote greater collaboration between industry, educational and post-secondary institutions and government on emerging skills and talent development, and to strengthen and diversify the next generation talent pipeline. It explores current and emerging skills, outlines a Roadmap for the sector’s future workforce planning, and is supported by a Skills and Career Navigator platform to help students, workers and industry to navigate Ontario’s varied resources and opportunities.