Strategy Overview

OVIN has developed a Talent Strategy & Roadmap that is responding to the evolving needs of the automotive and mobility sector’s workforce and will help to position the sector globally for long-term success. 

The Automotive and Mobility Sector is Changing

The global automotive and mobility sector is experiencing a major transformation, with advances such as vehicle connectivity, electrification, autonomous vehicles and shared mobility services on the rise. These emerging trends, along with major COVID-19 -related disruptions have resulted in Ontario’s sector facing a significant workforce shift, where specialized and advanced skill sets are required for the future, and companies are competing for the acquisition and retention of qualified talent.

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Meeting the Needs of the Future

Through its Driving Prosperity Plan, the Ontario government has reinforced its commitment to the automotive and mobility sector and to creating a business climate that fosters growth and innovation. To support this vision, the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) has launched a Talent Strategy and Roadmap to ensure the sector’s workforce is prepared to meet the needs of the future and remain globally competitive.