Career Pathways


This path includes occupations that support logistics operations at every stage of the supply chain including inventory management, scheduling, tracking, material handling, moving, loading and unloading, and monitoring and route optimization.

Manufacturing resource planning MRP software
Data entry software
Inventory Management
Forklift Operation
Enterprise resource planning ERP software
Power tools
Warehouse management system WMS
Pallet jacks
Delivery operations information system (DOIS)
Data analysis software
Map and path creation software
Internet of Things (IoT) devices
Cybersecurity tools
Logistics and supply chain software
Complex and global supply chains

Time Management
Reading Comprehension
Service Orientation
Active Listening
Operation and Control
Complex Problem Solving

Shippers and receivers
Transportation route and crew schedulers
Material handlers
Managers in transportation
Supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling co co-ordination occupations
PLC Programmer

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