Career Pathways

Planning and Policy

This path includes occupations that support the planning of future mobility services and associated infrastructure and the development of policies to support its efficient design and implementation. This covers roads, public transit, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), shared mobility services and the built environment.

Computer Aided Design CAD
Microsoft Project
The MathWorks MATLAB
Autodesk AutoCAD
Geographic Information System (GIS)
Analytical skills
Systems Analysis
Operations Analysis
Microsoft Visio
Graphics or photo imaging software
Analytical or scientific software
Programming languages
Web platform development software
Desktop publishing software
Data analysis
Relational databases
Data science/data engineering
Artificial intelligence
Active safety
Decarbonization, hybridization and electrification

Critical Thinking
Complex Problem Solving
Reading Comprehension
Judgment and Decision Making
Active Listening
Program management
Supervisory skills
Interpersonal skills

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Ryerson University

Civil Engineering

University of Waterloo

Civil Engineering

University of Windsor

Civil Engineering

Engineering managers
Architecture and science managers
Civil engineers
Urban and land use planners
Civil engineering technologists and technicians
Drafting technologists and technicians
Mobility Policy Specialist

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