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Do you know what Transportation is?
Transportation is moving people or things from one place to another place. But how?
There are different modes of transportation. For example …
But how do we make sure they work together? We need …
Cycling Lanes
Traffic Signal
Bus Stops
We call these types of Transportation Infrastructure
There are also new types of transportation modes and infrastructure to support them.
Connected Cars can get messages from traffic signals or other cars about traffic jams or accidents or if there are roads that are closed so the driver can make a decision to change the route they are going or slow down.
Electric Car Chargers are used for electric cars, so they can be plugged in and charged with electricity to operate, just like going to a gas station - but much better for our environment!
Smart Traffic Lights can detect when there is a traffic jam on an intersection and make the green light longer so cars can move through more smoothly and quickly
Self-driving Cars can travel without the need for its driver to always be in control of the car's movement (It can drive itself!). These cars use sensors to understand what's around them and know when to brake, when to turn left or right, and when to stop.
Shared Mobility allows you to rent a bike or a car and use it anywhere in the area and return it at the same place or at another nearby bike or car share station.
Interesting, right! They make moving around so much easier for everyone.
Ever wonder who designs and builds all of these and makes sure they are working properly? Let’s find out…
Computer Scientists use programming language and coding to build programs that can make cars drive on their own (we call these self-driving cars!) and communicate with one another (we call these connected cars!)
Traffic Engineers design traffic lights to make sure cars, buses and people can cross the intersection safely and effectively
Electric Car Engineers build the parts that make cars move using electricity, such as batteries. They help make our cities cleaner
Car Assemblers put all the parts of the car together like the engine, body parts, brakes and steering
Bus Drivers transport passengers from one place to another
City Engineers work together to make sure that all of these modes and infrastructure are working properly